In 2016,  a food truck that served Japanese inspired fried chicken sandwiches and wings dubbed Bird Coma was launched.

Bird Coma’s idea began serving fried chicken complimented with various flavors and slaws.  The chicken of course was served as a Japanese style of fried chicken called karaage. Their house marinated tenders lightly coated with starch. A street debut of crispy, double dipped fried chicken without any gluten or dairy.

The truck and menu were initiated by the young culinary enthusiast, Edmon Marsikyan. Originally a connoisseur of desserts and soul food, Edmon fell in his element after working with fried chicken and coleslaw. Through a trial of Southern American and Japanese soul food dishes, Edmon crossed the idea of combining karaage with Cajun seasoning and adding his favorite ingredients between a bun. With a new passion ignited, he began a journey of fried chicken sandwiches.

Bird Coma set off in July 22, 2016 for the first dinner service at Granada Hills GrubFest. People began to recognize the unique and various flavors that could be offered from a food truck. Items like the Buffalo Bleu, Seoul Good Wings, and even plant-based renditions of their signature sandwiches could be found on their menu.  The spark of the dynamite fries, the crackling of their crispy chicken, and the dust of the hot powder seasoning coated the streets of Los Angeles.

Now in 2019, Bird Coma has established a reputation among the food truck industry and around Los Angeles to bring a quirky team of people who have fun providing great service and food everywhere they go led by their chef who started it all.

Why is the name of the truck Bird Coma?
” The name was the most difficult part of finalizing the food truck. At that time, I loved my fried chicken sandwiches so much I’d eat at least 2 or more everyday. I ate so many fried chicken sandwiches that the result of what happened to me became the actual name, Bird Coma.”
– Edmon S. Marsikyan